1. One Cabbage &Pork Pierogi,One Potato & Cheese Pierogi,One Golabki,Kielbasa

2.One Cabbage&Pork Pierogi,One Potato&Cheese Pierogi,One Golabki,Ham

3.Two Poato&Cheese Pierogi,One Golabki,Kielbasa

4.Two Potato&Cheese Pierogi,One Golabki,Ham

5.Two Cabbage&Pork Pierogi,One Golabki,Kielbabsa

6.Two Cabbage&Pork Pierogi,One Golabki,Ham

Traditional Pierogi: Cabbage & Pork or Potato & Cheese

~$1.75 each,~$6.00 Half Dozen,~$10.00 Dozen

Specialty Pierogi

~$1.75 each,~$7.95 Half Dozen,~$14.95 Dozen

Polish Americanogi-Ground Kielbasa with cheese

Chourogi-Chourico,potato,& cheese filled

Frenchogi-French Meat pie filling

Bada Bing-Sweet Italian sausage,sauteed sweet red peppers &onions in a red sauce

Shepards Pie-mashed potatos,corn & ground beef

Wild Hoggi-BBQ sauce,ground pork& onions

Beanogi-baked beans & ground Kielbasa

Sweetogi-mashed sweet potatoes served with or without toasted marshmellows

Pizzaogi-filled with ground kielbasa,mozzarella cheese,& tomato sauce

Mac & Cheeseogi-filled with macoroni & cheese for the kid in you

Buffalogi-Spicy buffalo chicken pierogi

International Sampler        $14.95

(2)Potato & Cheese         (2)Chourogis

(2)Cabbage & Pork          (2)Frenchogi

(2)Bada Bings                 (2)Shepards Pie

GOLABKI (gowumkey)      $2.95 each~Ground beef & rice stuffed in Cabbage

KIELBASA~$3.50 Small Link ,~$6.95 Large Ring

KAPUSTA ~Pint $3.00~w/ kielbasa $5.50/ Quart $5.50~w/ kielbasa $7.95

Polish Sandwiches    $6.95 each

Kielbasa Sandwich

Polish Ham

Pattis Polish Cajun Loaf

Kielbasa Loaf Sandwich

Kielbasa Meatballs

Polish Grilled Rueben

Polish Patti Melt

HOUSE SPECIALS(when available)

8 is enough~8 potato & cheese pierogi,sauteed onions,bacon & sour cream-$10.88

Buffalo Bills~6 potato&cheese pierogi topped with buffalo sauce & fresh grated blue cheese-$8.95

Pattis Pasta Platter~ricoota filled pierogi,kielbasa meatballs and red sauce-$8.95

Kapusta Alaking- 4 cabbage pork pierogis topped with homemade mushroom cream sauce

Potato Pancakes~$1.95 each

Pierogi Scampi - 4 potato and cheese pierogis topped with garlic butter $5.95


DESSERT PIEROGI    $3.95 per order
(Two of the same dessert pierogi per order)



Apple Rum Raisin





Chocolate Cherry

Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Rocky Road

Almond Joy

Coconut Mounds

Polish Peach Melba...topped with polish brandy

Fluff A Nutter

Peanut butter and Jelly